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What does it mean that Jesus loves me? What does a new life with Him look like? What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

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Jesus has won – over temptation, anger, depression, evil spirits, illness… He didn’t have to experience any of the suffering on the cross. But he loves you and me so much that he went through all of the above and took it upon himself so that we don’t have to bear it anymore.

It’s only up to us whether we accept this gift, turn away from evil and live a fulfilled life with the one who has defeated even death.



Water baptism

Baptism in the Holy spirit

New life

New life

The old life no longer has any authority over us. We are capable of living in freedom from fear, anger, selfish thoughts, in forgiveness, joy, power, and fullness of love. As reborn children of God, we are back in the life we were truly created for.

Jesus is our older brother, friend, lord, and we learn from him how to walk in this new life.

New creation


Kings and stewards

Renewal of the mind


Walking in the power

Jesus walked in authority and power and counteracted the devil’s works wherever he went. We see the same behavior in his disciples – healing, deliverance from evil spirits, and other miraculous works.

These signs are supposed to accompany every child of God today. And how is that possible? Through the authority of the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Holy spirit

New tongues


Healing and deliverance


Relationship with God

Jesus did not bring us another list of rules. He came to reveal the Father to us and bring us back into a loving relationship with each other.

Just like the first Adam before the fall and just like Jesus now, we can walk daily with God, communicate with Him, and experience His closeness and actions.



The Word of God

Who is a disciple

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