We want to free up the workers for the harvest by using the services to equip the apprentices. Thus, a disciple equipping ministry should not be a destination for anyone (unless they are leading a ministry in that city). For example, people who have gone through disciple equipping ministries have started the following projects to reach out to this world.

National Revival Camp (NRC)

In addition to regular meetings, we organize weekend events called National Revival Camps (formerly Connect Training Camps). You can find an overview of these events, which we plan to hold throughout the country, here. Through them, we want to move the church forward in Biblical teaching and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Come join us or if you are interested in organizing a training camp in your area, please contact us directly.

If you are interested in having the NRC in your church, please contact us at:

Scheduled events:

There are no upcoming events at this time.
modlitby za uzdravení

Healing line

The healing line is loosely based on the healing rooms project introduced at the turn of the 19th century by John Alexander Dowie, a Scottish man of God working in the USA. This idea was followed by one of his most famous disciples, John G. Lake, who developed the idea of healing rooms in Spokane and Portland, also in the USA. The idea of the healing room is to relate to the works of Jesus Christ (Matthew 4:23-25) and the works of the apostles (Acts 5:16), thus defeating disease and bringing freedom to mankind through Jesus’ redemptive sacrifice and the power of God’s Spirit.

National awakening

“National Awakening” is an initiative originally started by Connect Disciples Prague (CBH Prague). The initiative is to reach every person in the Czech Republic with the Gospel during the month of November 2023. So we are not talking about one big evangelistic event, but a month of gospel celebration where people will encounter the gospel everywhere…