About us

We are a service that equips disciples, which operates under CBH Prague. We focus on walking in sonship, teaching, and spiritual gifts in practice.




Connect as a service equipping disciples was established in Prague. It currently has its first base there. In addition, the headquarters of Connect for spreading services that equip disciples throughout Bohemia and Europe is also located in Prague.



Hello, my name is Josef and I have been involved in Christian circles since my childhood. As a result, I have had the opportunity to compare church teachings with what the Bible says for a long time. I have a strong desire for the Czech church to rise in the power of the Spirit and in fear before God.

I have been involved in Connect since 2016, when it was still the CBH youth ministry. In 2017, my wife and I took over Connect, and after a year, God told us to transform Connect into a ministry for equipping disciples. Even before our arrival, several prophetic words were received about Connect’s involvement in equipping the Czech church. So we followed the Lord’s guidance and have been helping people grow in the gifts and fruit of the Spirit, both in Prague and beyond.



Hello, my name is Prokop Mejstřík and I was reborn in the spring of 2017. I really enjoy passing on the message that God is still saving, healing, and liberating people and how precious and important each person is. In recent years, I have also experienced how God truly accompanies His word with signs and wonders and that the time of the book of Acts has certainly not yet passed.

It is on my heart for all Christians/believers in the Czech Republic to truly walk this land as God’s sons and daughters in every way. Not in a narrow-minded and unclean way, but in love, holiness, God’s power, and joy.

Currently, my wife and I live in Olomouc.

Don't hesitate to join us

If you want to come to our meeting, write to us at info@connectdisciples.eu.